CITY VISION:     City of Sullivan City

Vision Statement: To become an ever improving, beautiful and vibrant city, which is financially stable, and that embraces its beautiful and natural surroundings and the people who live, work and visit here.

In order to preserve the valuable traditions and improve the quality of life, Sullivan City and its residents need to organize growth and development. The community needs to work had to improve the overall welfare of the City by establishing and promoting a strong local economy, making Sullivan City an attractive place to work, develop a business, and live. Additionally, City Officials will work to preserve and develop additional open space for recreation and to make development decisions applying planning principles.

City Goals:

City Identity

Intent: To preserve Sullivan City’s character as a community in the Rio Grande Valley.


  • Plan new commercial, office and industrial developments in such a way as to appropriately fit within the context of the existing scale and architectural character.
  • Conduct planning procedures prior to developers.
  • Adequately plan new residential development at a neighborhood scale through appropriate setbacks, street landscaping, sidewalks, and architectural design.
  • Provide adequate management of public services throughout the City.
  • Preserve open space areas in and surrounding Sullivan City to protect the City’s natural beauty and scenic views.
  • Provide local community events and provide additional cultural and entertainment opportunities.
  • Provide high quality customer service to everyone who visits City Hall.
  • Continue to coordinate with other municipalities, Hidalgo County, State of Texas and the Federal government.

Community Planning

Intent: To ensure Sullivan City is carefully planned to accommodate the needs of existing and future residents while preserving and protecting the City’s identity, quality of life, and neighborhood integrity.


  • Accommodate future growth through logical infill development. Land use patterns are compatible with the characteristics of specific neighborhoods within the community.

    A variety of residential land use supports all types of housing and the affordability of the  housing 

    Preservation of the housing stock is an integral part of maintaining neighborhood character. The appropriate transition of multi-family housing with mixed land used in designated areas supports sustainable development within the community.


  • Various types of business land uses in scale with the residential community support livable neighborhoods.
  • Provide an adequate city water supply through careful planning and financial investment. This would entail planning with AGUA SUD.
  • Encourage a broad range of housing types to provide for all household types ages and income ranges within the community.
  • Plan a community with interconnected subdivisions.
  • Plan and provide for recreation and fine arts, as well as for adequate fine arts facility.
  • Plan active and passive recreation spaces at a variety of park sites and open spaces.
  • Recreation centers should be developed in areas of higher density populations and minimal open space.
  • Require new development to adequately mitigate fiscal, environmental, and social impacts without excessive fees.
  • Adhere to local plans policies and regulations that set the standard for high quality developments.
  • City to encourage natural resource protection for improving water and air quality and reduce soil contamination. More planning with AGUA SUD.

Community Services

Intent: To ensure that all necessary community services are provided; to support the public interest and well being of all Sullivan City residents and businesses.


  • Provide and maintain cost-effective and efficient infrastructure facilities including water, sewer, drainage, streets, and trails.
  • Design streets, trails, and public transit facilities to match the scale and character of the community, utilizing such elements as trees along streets and other forms of landscaping.
  • Provide and maintain the higher quality public safety services for the City, including, fire, police and emergency medical services.
  • Support the continued provision of high quality schools for our children and additional educational opportunities for the community as a whole.
  • Plan, construct, maintain, and supervise park and recreation facilities to best serve leisure need and to enhance the appearance and quality of the urban environment.
  • Provide informational, educational, cultural, and recreational materials in diverse forms for the enrichment, self development, and enjoyment Sullivan City residents, and to organize these materials for optimum use.

Vital and Sustainable Local Commerce

Intent: To promote economic self-sufficiency and long-term stability of the local economy, to provide resident with a broad range of employment opportunities and to provide Sullivan City with a healthy tax base.


  • Seek a balanced mix of commercial and varied residential growth.
  • Recruit quality employers to provide jobs for city residents and to diversity the local economy.
  • Establish a higher education facility in Sullivan City to provide support and training for a diversified workforce.
  • Coordinate every school, in partnership with students, families, and communities, to provide a safe, civil, healthy, and attractive environment for learning.
  • Encourage the use of public/private partnerships as a means of accomplishing the City’s economic development goals.
  • Direct available community resources to strategic areas and projects that would most greatly benefit Sullivan City.